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"​Looking to further my brand as a makeup artist by dominating every technique & creating the new standards for future artists."


​NJ/NY based Makeup Artist 


Nikira Brixton is a graduate of the prestigious Make-up Designory school in New York where this artist earned a Master Make-up Artistry certificate. Since then, Nikira has been working as a freelance artist specializing in fashion and special effects makeup. When starting the dream of becoming an artist, pursuing the makeup field was the right choice because of the fascination with pushing boundaries. To Ms. Brixton, makeup is one of the most creative forms of art expression; allowing the artist to have the ability to fully realize the inner beauty or creative character of her astounding clients.

This artist was attracted to this industry because it is ever-changing.  Becoming comfortable with new trends and application styles makes all of the challenges and competition worth it.  We all have a voice through art- it is a manner of visual storytelling that leaves the viewer wanting more. 

Clients worked with:

Six Flags

Toys R Us/Babies R Us

Miri Ben Ari, Grammy Winning Artist

Bon Vivant Band of LUX Artists

The Brass Files of LUX Artists

Joe Vulpis, YouTube Personality & Videographer

Latinista Fashion Week

Carlisle Collection

Frank Huyunh

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