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Welcome to what 11 pm boredome looks like.

I decided that I was in the mood for an SFX look & this is what my mind led me too. I Googled searched "hand injury" , saw an image and replicated it. Special FX is definitely my stronger suit when it comes to makeup, especially gore. I love that SFX lets you think outside the box whether its gore, sci-fi, fantasy, or just feature enhancements. Not having to be so pretty & polished definitely makes a bit more challenging but that's just all in the fun.


-Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax

-Reel Creations Cover-Up/Effects Palette Kit

-Graftobian Blood Gel

-Homemade Fresh Blood

Makeup Artist Note: This application can be sealed if looking to use for on screen effect. Apply base of spirit gum is looking to keep this down all day, or until touch-ups/last looks. Application can also be achieved using 3rd degree silicone.

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