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Decided to have a little more fun with Nose & Scar Wax to create this look. I wanted to do some light SFX. Have to always make sure that you don't lose your touch. This was super fun & super easy to create. I used nose & scar wax for the general sculpt, alcohol paints to do the shading/detail, & finished off with some good ol' blood gel. Your mom always told you, "Never pull a hang-nail", so why not show the real results? Hope this application is one that everyone will try, if you're looking to have some fun with Special FX.


-Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax

-Reel Creations Cover-Up/Effects Palette Kit (Alcohol Palette)

-Graftobian Blood Gel

Makeup Artist Note: Powder edges for matte, more real looking, skin. Set with a sealer for all day lasting power. You can also make a small, thin piece of scar wax to use over application for a moving on-screen gag.

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