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Kit Essential: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

I just wanted to take a moment to mention a product that I believe is a great KIT ESSENTIAL for any makeup artist, both makeup counter & industry artists. You'll definitely want to have this product ready at all times when you first use it because trust me, you WILL be hooked !

I actually happened to buy this product without intentionally searching for it. In the end of the day, this product became one of my favorites only after a few uses, which made me even more ecstatic! I had to make myself even MORE happy as well, by buying both one for personal use & one for my kit. I knew I would regret not having one for myself as well, so I decided to make a little "investment". Investment is better known as a way I use to describe pricey purchases that end up being worth it in the end of the day. I feel investment sounds better than splurge.

This Contour Cream Kit is in the tone/color "Deep". I know sometimes people hear that word and get discouraged, but there are no worries at all ! I do use this palette on both clients of more fair skin tone, just as much as clients with deeper skin tones. You can achieve multiple applications with this product because it can used for three things. It can be used as a great coverage concealer, a well-blended cream for highlights/shadows, and a even coverage foundation. Anastasia Beverly Hills definitely did a great job with making this product so versatile. With that being said, you can definitely see why it comes in great handy for clients on set. Getting more uses from one product is what cuts makeup application time down quite a bit, which makes directors & photographers extremely happy!

It is cream based, and I am a GIANT sucker for cream based face products. I tend to always gravitate more towards cream based products when it comes to foundation, concealer, or anything for the base of the makeup application. Cream based products happen to be my favorite because personally I feel that cream always gives me great control & long lasting power (which is very beneficial on set). As a makeup artist, a huge goal is to find products that do more work in less time. Running around on set definitely gets very hectic. If you can have access to the tools to make everything go from just a tad bit smoother to exponentially smoother, than you're definitely a HUGE winner in the end of the day.

Another huge bonus to this product, is the bang for the buck ! One or two little swatches into the cream tray and I get a TON of very pigmented product to blend out. This product does smooth out extremely well with either brush or sponge (preferably latex). It's all about your personal preference when it comes to applying foundation.

I definitely wanted to take the time to congratulate Anastasia Beverly Hills on a job well done with this product! I officially mark this product a KIT ESSENTIAL !

If you are interested in owning this product it does come in a range of colors ranging from Fair-Deep. You can find this product at Sephora or directly from their site linked down below:


Anastasia Beverly Hills-

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