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New Product Alert!

Last night I was hunting around looking for new beauty products & skincare regimens. I happened to remember all of the amazing effects/results of putting Rose Water into your daily face routine. Rose water is GREAT for helping skin complexion & clearness. It's general purpose is to focus on putting hydration back in your face through out the day (whether wearing makeup or not). I have been using this product for two days now & I already feel the difference & can say this was definitely a long time coming product that I needed. This one is by Pearlessence & has a great refreshing smell to it as well.

I tried looking around and here is the best link to find this product online:

If not, Marshall's should have it in store.

Makeup Artist Note: Keeping this in your kit can help your model or actor feel relaxed, refreshed, and bright throughout he day. Has a slightly strong spray pressure, so apply from outwards to in while spraying to not alarm or shock your talent. Spray on, let dry, retouch, and powder set.

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